Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is Rusty.
He's 16 years old.
He dives, plays volleyball and is in all advanced classes.
As I mentioned before, he's my bestest guy friend!
He's always there for me and has put up with my craziness for the past five years!!!
So without further Adieu,
Meet Rusty.

What is your favorite thing to do?
A: That is a very broad question.
To hang out with friends, I guess.

What is your greatest fear?
A: Not suceeding in life.

What did you think of The Twilight Saga:
A: I didn't like the first one.
When Edward wasnt there it was better, but the last one was good cause it wasn't as mushy gushy.

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
A: I'd pay my tithing then put it in the bank.

What is your idea of a perfect date?
A: Where we both have fun.

Who is the hottest celebrity?
A: Uhhh I dunno....Carrie Underwood

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
A: I would wish that I could fly, breathe underwater, and that I wasn't allergic to anything.

Who's your favorite superhero?
A: Spiderman

A: Because he's just awesome!
He's not invincible but he's amazing!

Are you going to go on a mission:
A: Of course.

If you could choose, where would you want to serve:
A: Spain

Describe the perfect girl for you
A: I don't want her freakishy skinny, but not really big. Normal size. She has to have a good personality, she can't be all cocky or snobby. She has to be fun to be around. She's not too short, but not taller than me. Doesn't really matter what color of hair. Good eyes.

If you had to sum up your life in five words or less, what would they be?
A: Fun, Eventful, Hospitalized, Entertaining

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things That Make Life Worth Living

The sight of a peaceful sleeping baby.

A kiss on the cheek from your darling nephew.

A breath taking sunset.

A kind word from someone that you thought hated you.

Big hugs!!!!

A beautiful piece of music.

Seeing someone else find the truth.

Knowing that someone you love is thinking about you.

Coming to grips with the fact that everything's going to be okay.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BS: Boy Statistics

If you haven't noticed,

I have a poll on my sidebar asking you,

my amazing readers,

what I should write more about.

Well thus far, the majority

(yes I know it's only three people but whatever)

Has requested that I post more about boys!

Well your wish is my command!!!

I'm not going to lie to you,

at least 75% of the thoughts that go through my head everyday have to do with one boy or another.

Is this irrational?


Is it stupid?


Can it be stopped?

No mam.


I started liking boys in third grade.


I have liked more than 25 boys.


Half of those boys have been older than me.


Coming Soon is an interview with my best gentleman friend ever!!!!

(Who I've also had MAJOR crushes on through the years!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jess!!!!!

This is my dear friend Jessica!!!!!
Also known as Cinderella and Princess P.
She's turning Sixteen tomorrow!!!!
Man I adore this girl!!!!
Let me tell you why: Jess is one of the most RANDOM people you will ever meet!
We have DEEP Twilight discussions in our Notebook!

We have like five notebooks we've written to each other that we're saving for posterity!

(Our poor children)

Jessies always been there for me!!!!
I'll randomly show up at her house and start balling my eyes out.
She takes it all in stride!
Jess goes along with my craziness!!!!
(It helps that she has some of her own!)

We used to take pictures of ourselves thinking that we're so hott!
Who am I kidding?
We STILL do!!!!

Jessica and I went from being sworn enemies to best friends!
It was amazing!!!!!!!

She lets me borrow her Chemistry notes!
(Which are so neat and perfect they could be published BTW)
Me and Jess "get each other!"

It's crazy how often we're on the same wavelength!

She listens to my nonstop complaining,
My never ending stories,
And my constant musings!
Jessicas not afraid to tell me the truth!

As you can see, she's an amazing girl!

I'm so blessed to have her in my life!
I'm proud to call her my friend!!!!
Happy Birthday Princess P!!!!!!!
(Make the most of the present I gave you)

Friday, March 20, 2009

RatalieNose from A to Z

No I'm not calling myself amazing.
Amazing is the most over used adjective in my vocabulary.
I'm a teenage girl, what do you expect!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
That's how I've been feeling these last couple days.
Blasted Sinuses!!!
EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My english teachers are always getting on me about them.
I don't understand why......
I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with shart.
Yeah yeah yeah I'm disgusting.
Sue me.
Yes I'm a girl.
And I enjoy it.....
Most of the time.
Happy but occasionally hostile.
True story.
Heck I'm a teenager it's my job!!!
I don't have any good ones.
I have some in my heart.
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
I don't know if you noticed but I LOVE the word LOVE!!!!
I apply it quite Liberally.
But not Lightly.
"Sing, Sing a Song
Sing Out Loud
Sing Out Strong"
Don't Mind If I Do!!!!
Yes that is my real name.
Who knew?
Open Arms!!!!
I LOVE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I am.
That sums me up quite nicely.
It's like Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sassy but Sweet....
If you're lucky.
Need I say more?
Yeah, I'll give myself this one.
Being somewhat irrational I can understand other peoples special moments.
Love them!!!!!!!
Westwood Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Blood Runs Deep Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had several of these.
The one I hated the most was the one that told me that I'd rebroken my broken toe and I had to have surgery.
"Forever Young
I want to be forever young.
Don't you want to live forever
Forever Young"
No I don't belong there.
Thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos Ann!!!!!

Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday Dear Ann Marie!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ann is one of my dearest blog friends!!!!
I look up to her for so many reasons!
She's strong, beautiful, honest and unique!
I ADORE her!!!!!
Go HERE to wish her a Happy Birthday and tell her how amazing she is!
Because, really, she is!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quirky Analysis Part 3

From My3Daws:
What do you do when your dad won't let you do something you want to do? Seriously, don't leave out any details! :) Kicking and screaming would be quite funny.
A: Honestly, I had to think long and hard about this one.
It took me forever to remember the last time my dad
(affectionately known as Harold or JerBear)
wouldn't let me do something.
Not that I always get my way.
Because I don't.
But A.
I don't usually ask for unreasonable things.
And B.
I almost always ask my mom.
The last time I can remember getting upset with my dad because of a rule was eighth grade.
He had just instated the
"No hanging out with boys rule"
This was a HUGE bummer because that's what ALL of my friends were doing!
They'd all be somewhere and I couldn't go becuase there were boys!!
Now I wish I had a better story to tell you, but to be honest.
I just cried.
There is no kicking and screaming when it comes to JerBear.
That's the way its always been, you don't throw fits in front of him.
I don't think any of us have,
I doubt anyone ever will.
(But that didn't stop me from calling him names under my breath once I was out of hearing distance.)
These next few questions are all from Molly:
What is your favorite color?
Answer: YeLlOw
What is your favorite animal?
A: I can't stand housepet animals.
So probably monkeys.
What is your favorite dessert?
But I especially adore Pazookies!!!!!!!!
If you could do one wildly rebellious thing, what would it be?
Answer: And not get caught?
Burn down an abandoned building.
From Ann Marie:
What was one of your happiest moments in the last 2 months??
A: Definently the birth of Sweet Madeleine!
From RatalieNose:
What's your biggest fear?
Well, my one and only fear is this:
Getting close to them,
Getting hurt by them,
And living without them.
Stupid, Immature and Juvenile.
But it's the truth.
So you tell me,
What's your greatest fear?
The person with the best fear will get......
Well, you'll see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Extraordinary Part 5 of 5 and Quirky Analysis Part 2

First lets talk about why RatalieNose is feeling Extraordinary today!

A. It's SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B. I just found out that I made next year's Honor Choir.

(That's the top choir at my school.)

C. I get to go to my friend's cabin for her Sweet 16 over the break!!

A bunch of girls out in the middle of nowhere



On a more somber note:

Camille is getting her wisdom teeth out right now.

Keep her in your prayers and swing by her site to participate in something that I'm sure will be a crackup!



1. Geneva is sooo nice!!! After I told you all about my HORRIBLE day, Geneva commented on offered to TUTOR me in Chemistry and Algebra 2, FOR FREE!

What a Peach!!!!

2. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Geneva is BRAVE!!!!
K, the title of her blog is not just a title!
Like teaching science to teenagers!!!!
I shudder at the thought!!!!!

3. Geneva knows where it's at,
After I wrote a somewhat ornery post she commented:

"That's why we write blogs. So we can do whatever we want. And if you have movie star awesome pictures of yourself, by all means, keep posting them."

I love when people agree with me!!!

4. Geneva likes absurdity!
She said so herself.

5. Geneva has FANTASTIC hair!!!!!!!!

1. Bekah always has something uplifting to tell me.
Any problem or issue I tell her, she's got something to help me out!
It's amazing!


So yeah, Rose sounded amazing with the first name she picked out...but for my egotistical purposes I'm going to think it was because of me!!!

3. There isn't ANYTHING that Bekah can't do!!!
If it's a skill she hasn't learned yet, rest assured, she WILL learn it!!!

4. Bekah is an EXTRAORDINARY musician!
Anyone who has heard her sing or play the piano knows how true this is!

5. Bekah is an AMAZING mother!
Her children are so blessed!!!!!

And Last, but DEFINENTLY not Least.

No one other than

The NancyFace.

Heck yes.

1. Nancy is SO RANDOM!


2. She knows how to tell a good (read: HILARIOUS) Story!

3. Nancy is very talented, whatever she does, whether it's leading the music in primary or running a mile in 10 minutes, she always tries her best.

4. NancyFace would do ABSOLOUTELY ANYTHING for her kids! It's obvious.

5. NancysNonsenseofNothingness makes me HAPPY!

Now for some questions:

From the NancyFace:

What was your absolute FAVORITE class you've had in school so far, and why?

A: Hmmm that's a hard one, probably a tie between Cantible (advanced girls choir) my Seventh grade year, and Coed PE my Freshman year.

What was your absolute WORST class so far, and why?

A: Another hard one, as far as subjects go, CP Chemistry hands down.

But as far as everything else goes....
Mrs. Toner's English class.
Eighth Grade.
But then again,
My eighth entire eighth grade year was probably the worst year of my life.
So go figure.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Adorable Picture and Extraordinary: Part 4

1. Shelby Lou is a YSA, k, I know from my sister how crappy being a Young Single Adult is.
And Shelby still keeps a positive attitude!
2. Shelby is not afraid to get down to the nitty gritty, "Who was your first kiss? Yes I just asked that."
3. Shelby Lou was my First Official Blog Stalker!
Made my day folks!!!!!
4. Shelby boycotted Facebook! Way to be not following the crowd!
5. Shelby is not afraid to be who she is!!!
1. Laynee has a GORGEOUS VOICE!!!! A voice that made my father, the ultimate critic, say "She should be like the president of the world!"
2. Laynee has a rich vocabulary! There are always several words from her post that just JUMP out at me!
3. Laynee feels me on the whole Disneyland issue!
4. Laynee is livin' it up in Jr. High.
Worst three years of my life were spent at that ghastly place!
She deserves some MAJOR props.
5. Laynee is a big ol' slice of Humble Pie!!!
Alright, we're almost done!
Just 3 more extraordinary individuals will be featured and we'll call it quits for now.
In other news:
Teenage girls are stupid.
Or rather, teenage girl drama is stupid.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Q&A: Quirky Analysis

So we're going to take a break from the Extraordinary today in order to answer your questions.
From Lauren:
What hair product do you use?
A: Like shampoo?
Whatever's in the shower.
Hairspray? I rarely use it, but when I do, I just use whatevers lying around the house.
And that's about it...
I usually go for a natural look...
Who am I kidding I'm just waaaay too lazy!!!
From Camille:
What's Shirt Boy's name?
A: I know you were kidding but I will give you a hint: You've been in his bedroom before.
(Don't go all crazy on Camille, she was in there filming for a girls camp video!)
Also from Camille:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: A 3rd Grade Teacher, preferebly at my old Elementary school, team teaching with my 3rd grade teacher!
Camille Again:
If you could travel anywhere in the world this summer, where would you go?
A: Crazy.
Oh wait I'm already there!
Yar gar gar.
I'd travel the rest of Europe and go visit my sister in North Carolina and visit my best friend who's moving to Texas.
From the Amazing Cherie:
What's your most embarassing moment?
A: Oh my there are FAR too many to choose from! I'm basically the biggest clutz on this side of Texas
(aside from NancyFace of course! Love her!)
Hmmm I'll just share one that Shirt Boy and I were discussing today.
Last year, several of the boys from my school were driving home from playing basketball around 6:30 am. I was out walking my neighbors dog. I had just woken up two seconds ago. It was cold, I was tired and had no shoes on. So I'm walking with my eyes shut, all bundled up with my hood on and looking like a hobo and the boys drive by LAUGHING AT ME. Later I walk into A hour and they all start bustin' up!
From Shelby Lou:
How many boys have you kissed?
A: Two. One kissed me for $30.
The other kissed me becuase he wanted a New Years kiss.
*A little sad note about the second one, when he tried to kiss me, I started hyperventilating. Nothing scares me more than boys!*
From Ann Marie:
Did you steal the shirt from Shirt Boy?
A: Sadly enough, I did not. He really wanted it back. So I washed it, and rode my bike to his house to return it. Thankfully, he or his parents did not answer the door.
From Holly Janeen:
Did you come up with the name RatalieNose
all by yourself?
A: I wish I could say that I'm that clever, but if I'm being honest (which I always am, Lieing is MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE) my big sister Bekah created my wonderful nickname!
Well that was quite fun!
Keep the preguntas coming!
We'll be exploring more of the extraordinary tomorrow so stay tuned!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Extraordinary Part 3 and Random

So I'm in the mood to tell you all two random things.

1. I have a major crush on Shirt Boy. Remember him?

If not, go here.

2. I, RatalieNose am going to let ya'll pick apart my brain.

Ask me anything, and I do mean ANYTHING!

You can ask in the comment box, or shoot me an email at ratalienose@yahoo.com

Alright, time to enlighten some people on their Extraordinary..ness.

SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
(hold for applause)
Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen
The famous Lauren from BusyBeeLauren and LaurensBite!!!!!!
Do I feel like a rockstar since she reads my blog????
1. Lauren has MASTERED the art of sarcasm!!!!
2. Lauren makes me laugh on days when NOTHING SEEMS FUNNY!
3. Lauren DOES NOT CARE about what anybody thinks of her!!!!
4. Lauren is soooooo GORGEOUS and wears the CUTEST clothes and has the CUTEST house and...I'm done coveting.
5. Lauren doesn't hate me even though I dislike some things that she adores...ie Disneyland, Robert Pattinson, ect.
If you have not read both of her blogs,
Go repent NOW!
Alright, moving right along....
Just kidding.
I have HW.
Yes Lame I Know.
So don't forget that you get to ask me ANY QUESTION YOU WANT!
Have a nice evening everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Extraordinary: Part Two

Next on the lineup,
we have Camille from
I've mentioned on more than one occasion how much I LOVE Camille!
But really, is there such thing as too many compliments?
I think not.
And if you disagree then just remember,
this isn't just fluff to make someone feel good.
This is fact.
So here we go,
Five Reasons Why Camille Is Extraordinary
1. For many years now, Camille has come to our stake's girls camp EVERY SUMMER!
And she doesn't just come and hang out,
She brings the party with her!
I don't know if you know how funny this girl is!
Last year, she and Lyndsie were in charge of firesides and OH MY GOSH I peed my pants every time they got up to talk!!!!!!
2. Camille is honest.
Not only does she not sugar coat things but she is honest in her dealings with her fellow men.
I have an anedote:
Last February, Camille was here in Mesa.
She and Lyndsie were filming a video for girls camp.
They went to the house of one girl from each ward and video taped her bedroom.
And yes, with my luck, they went to my house.
Well in my room that day, I had a bag filled with vitamin waters.
While filming, Camille found them, picked one up and drank it.
Then she proceeded to leave a dollar in the bag for me.
What a gem.
3. Camille perseveres.
4. Camille walks with confidence.
I HATE when girls who are tall slouch and try to hide their height.
Camille does not do that, she walks with her head held high as if to say
"I'm tall and I love it, now get out of my way!"
5. Camille is Brave.
Next we have Wendy from My3Daws!
1. Wendy has AMAZING HAIR!!!!!!!
2. She has a very profound writing style.
After reading a blog post authored by her I often find myself in deep thought considering the things she's said.
3. Wendy is the mother of 3 boys! If that doesn't equal Extraordinary, I don't know what does!
4. Wendy and her husband taught me in primary!
They must've had the patience of Job cause I was an ornery little thing!
5. Wendy has a positive outlook on life that truly inspires those who surround her.
Next we have one of my most favourite blog friends of all time, the Amazing Cherie, from Bakow Babble.
1. Cherie is such a good mother!
2. She's also a convert to the church and is so strong in it! When she posted about her conversion story I felt the spirit so strongly!
3. Cherie has taught me several helpful blogging tips!
4. Cherie is always positive! In all the contact I've had with her through the blog world she's always been happy, supportive and encouraging!
5. Like several of my blog friends, Cherie always gives me a self esteem boost whether it's about something I've written, or a picture of myself she's always quick with a kind word.
And that my friends, within itself, is

Friday, March 6, 2009

YOU Are Extraordinary: Part 1

If you have no idea what's going on, read this post, and this one as well.
Lets get down to business
"To defeat the huns.
Did they send me daughters?
When I asked for sons??"
Okay I'm done.
We're going to go in order of those who commented.
So the first person we'll talk about is.....
(drum roll please)
This woman is a real peach.
Or should I say Strawberry....?
Here are just a FEW reasons why Molly is Extraordinary!!
1. She is SUCH a good blog friend!!! Always commenting and making me feel so good about myself!!!!!
2. She edits pictures so that they look like the bomb.com
(When I edit pictures, I make the people in them look demented.)
3. Once, many many moons ago, I got to hang out with her and her amazing family at their awesome beach house in Mexico!!
So so fun!!!
4. Molly is an amazing writer!!
After they got their famil pictures done, she did tributes to each of her siblings and their families.
They were beautifully written and truly heartfelt!!!
5. Molly is a great mom to her Beautiful daughter Scarlet!!!!
Next up we have the Fantastic Ann Marie!!!!
1. She was my very 1st blog friend that I've never met in the flesh!
So fun!!!!!
2. She inspires me to be more organized!!!
3. She writes wonderful Thankful Posts which in turn make me think about what I"m greatful for!
4. She is always positive!
Even when things look negative!
5. She's a romantic!!! Like me!!
Her posts about her Prince Charming make me SO HAPPY!!!!
So I know I have several more people to feature, but I need to eat dinner before I go babysitting.
So we shall say..
To Be Continued.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Mission: Become a Better Leader (and person for that matter)
Location: Flowing Wells High School, Tuscon Arizona
Time to Complete Mission: Approximately 48 hours
Mission Status: Complete
That's right folks.
State Student Council Convention.
Good times.
2,000 Student Leaders from all over Arizona gathered together to party, learn and grow as leaders in their school and community.
10 delegates are chosen from each school and I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Westwood.
One of my favorite things I gleaned from the convention is this:
One of our motivational speakers drilled this phrase into our heads:
"I am not average, I am Extraordinary!"
We had to say it over
and over
and over again.
And yes, I did get the point.
So now I want YOU to say it out loud
Right now
Wherever you are
"I am not average, I am extraordinary"
I can't hear you!!!
Say it loud and proud ladies and gentlemen!
So now to reward the wonderful people who commented on that one post that my stupid computer won't allow me to link to.
If you commented you know what I'm talking about.
Because you wonderful ladies graced my little blog with your presence I shall TELL you why
"You Are Not Average, You Are Extraordinary."
You know its true, and I'm going to give you each five reasons why.
Disclaimer: I don't know all of you in the flesh.
Some I know better than others so don't get offended if your reasons aren't as in depth as others.
I love you all the same!
Well, I have math homework to do, so for you 11 lucky people, I will begin your
Ego-Building Exercise Tomorrow.
Until then,
Bask in the Glory of Being Extraordinary

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So yes I am going to reveal the purpose and such behind this post....

but I'm not going to do it now.


Becuase I don't feel like it.



I'm glad we understand each other.


This is just a quick little post to let ya'll know about

being put on by some of the greatest ladies I know!

Go take a look.

(You're welcome sister.)
You: Hey Ratalie why'd you put that random picture of yourself at the top of this post, it's completely irrelevant.
Me: Cause I felt like it.
You got a problem????????

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nick Names Part 2

I had so much fun telling ya'll about my nicknames last time that I thought I'd share a few more with you.
(Oh and btw you still have until Wednesday to comment on this post.)
Miss Rose
This one was given to me by my dear friend Doride.
If you can't figure out why.....
We'll talk later.
No, my nickname is NOT Lady!
A very good Gentleman Friend of mine calls me
You know, like the Tramp calls Lady?
Uh huh.
Seems weird right?
That's what I thought.
Until he explained why.
He said that I remind him of her for several reasons.
1. She's very persistent
2. Really down when she doesn't recieve enough attention
3. Fun to be with
4. Goes back to people, even when they've hurt her.
At first you may think uhhh rude!
But in all honesty, he was exactly right!
I am all those things.
And proud of it.

This one I just recieved this past weekend.
Think what you will.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the Winner Is......

Yes I've been MIA the past couple days.
Can't tell you where I was.
Top Secret.
Just like the reason you're going to want to comment on this post.
Like I said before you're going to have to trust me.
Do it.
You have until Wednesday.

*I will reiterate, THIS IS NOT A COMMENT SCAM!!!! I LIKE how many comments I get!*
As you'll see on my sidebar
The AMAZING Cherie gave me this award!!!!!
The Fresh Drink Award.
Love my life!
So I feel I should pass on the honor......
To my Blog and Real Life Hero
I've admired this girl (woman) ever since I met her when I was in third grade.
She and her best friend were seniors in high school but they still took time to hang out with the out spoken little third grader who had issues getting along with people her own age.
They'd come over and play with me, take me out to Dairy Queen, and they NEVER made me feel like it was a burden, or that they'd rather be doing somehting else!
I felt sooo cool and loved!
And now, years later, I still adore Camille through her blog Archives of Our Lives.
If that blog isn't Fresh, I don't know what is.
This girl is an amzing writer with an endearing personality and I'm proud to call her my friend!

And Just A Reminder in case you suffer from short term memory loss, you're going to want to comment on this post.

OH and BTW Geneva and Camille will be both recieve SOMETHING for figuring out the code word of the day.