Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Epic In Every Sense of the Word

Well this past weekend was epic for two reasons.
We'll start with this:
I saw Titanic for the first time.
Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!
Love. At. First. Sight.
There's something about watching an amazing chickflick in your pajamas with junk food and all your girlfriends!
(Plus Rusty.)
It just made it that much better!!!! Image from Here.
I will marry Jack Dawson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image from Here.
Can we just feast upon him for a moment?
Image from Here.
Now I'm torn!
Who do I love more...
Peeta Mellark or Jack Dawson????
What say you?

Now for the main event:
The Cocopah Half and Full Marathon
Yuma, Arizona
Saturday, January 23rd
After my grandpa's death in September, some of the family decided to participate in his memory for his birthday which would have been this month.
My sisters Emily and Bekah, and my Aunt Johnelle sprinting in from the Half.

Bekah's biggest fans!

I told Emily to show me what champions look like, this is what she came up with.

Em with her #1 cheerleader! Her hubby Brett!

Barely awake but ready to cheer on the fam!

Sister Sarah and Aunt Pam finishing the Half!
Bekah went back and ran the last mile with them.
Aunt Kathy and Sam ran the last couple yards as well.

Can I just say that my dad is a stud????
The man is 53 years old and ran a FULL MARATHON IN 4 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

My Super Sisters!!!!!!!
All the girls!
I love my family!
This was such a great event to witness!
Between the two races, we had 11 runners and ALOT of cheerleaders all wearing our red Team Reg shirts.
If you click on any of the pictures you can see the shirts better.
Under the Team Reg it says:
"Still Hangin' in There"
One of many Regisms that my grandpa was known for is this:
"I'm still working on my S.H.I.T. program."
Man I miss that guy!
Image from Here.

In other news, I missed EverybodyNose's Birthday!!!!
As of January 15th, this here blog has been alive for one year!!!
It's been a great one!
Here's to many more!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Parade, My Decor, Oh and I'm a G

Yeah I've been MIA this has gotten crazy!!!!
Between school, blood drive, Les Mis rehearsal and being a normal human being....there's not alot of time left over. But heres a little somethin somethin to hold you all over. On Monday, Westwood Stuco was in our towns MLK parade.
Isn't our "banner" awesome?
Love it!
Barely awake.

Me and my Bethany!

Oh Steven! We love him.

So alot of bloggers out there post pictures of your cute houses and your decorating jobs yadda yadda yadda. Well....there is only one room in my house that reflects me.

The Woman Cave.
AKA my bedroom.
So I thought I'd just give you a little taste of my room.
This little lovelie houses all my purses belts and junk.
From left to right:
*The N book was my 12th birthday present from my amazing sister Bekah! It's completely homemade and is 12 year old Natalie in a nut shell!
*The awesome Natalie sign in the background was my Christmas present from Brina, again homemade! Love it!
*The picture of me and Tyler....
Remember my post about Winter Formal and how me and Ty were dancing by ourselves at dinner and my friends were taking pictures of us?...yeah. Kair took that picture, Jessica printed it out, put it in my frame and gave it to me for Christmas. Hahaha!
*The super cute white frame was my birthday present from the awesome Ann! Yes I am such a slacker and haven't put a picture in it yet....but the frame is so cute that it's worth displaying, pictureless and all!! I will get a picture in there soon!!!!!
*In the very front is a little picture of the whole Stuco family at Winter Formal.
*And the Knight in Shining a story for another time.
So sometimes I like to pretend I'm a gangsta.

Peace out yo!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy Kids and a Cowch

So the other day Jessica was driving down Brown and Horne and saw this awesome Cowch.
She told me about it and we KNEW we had to go take pictures.
And here's what we got: Yeah its blurry but at least they're in the air.
And daaang Rusty's got hops!

I'm laughing by the way...

His face made my day.

I thought of the wicked King Noah when I saw this.

B-ritt and Sammy playing patty-cake.

My friends are so cute!

Flexing their triceps brachii, heck yes I've been paying attention in anatomy!

Rusty was naughty.

No comment.

Can I just say that I have the best guy friends ever?

This one made me so happy!!!!

I love how Brittni's the only one making a normal face.

Have a happy MLK Day!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!
I RatalieNose, will be playing the part of
Madame Thenardier!!!!
If you haven't seen Les Miserables:
Madame T and her husband Monsieur T are the villians that you love to hate. They're sleazy, crude and funny as heck!!!
The boy who plays my "husband" is HILARIOUS!!!!
He should be really fun to work with!
I'm super excited for this chance I've been given!
Another awesome thing:
My younger sister Annie was casted as Young Eponine!
You know what that means????
I'm her mother!!!!!!
So our family is very excited with how things turned out!!!!
What good news do you have????

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I Were Anymore Irritated, I'd Be Dead

Image from here.

It's true.
At this moment in time, I am from the land of the
However I will set that aside.
I will set aside the fact that:

My ipod went through the wash yesterday.

That is the exact same way my last ipod saw death.

If my little brother talks me again, I'm going to rip out his voice box.
(Not really, but I'm annoyed.)

I think I left Cammie in Ed's car.

My New Moon poster is all messed up.

I have to go to school tomorrow.

I was woken up early this morning by being told that my house got TP'd last night and I had to wake up and clean it up before the sprinklers came on.

Yes I'm going to set all that aside!
And we shall play a game.
Yes I stole this idea from the one and only Lauren.

So here's how it goes:
In the comment section you leave an anonymous comment giving some hint as to who you are. As they come, I will try to guess!
I've always wanted to do this and see how well I know my readers!
Ready. Set. Go.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

(No, this collage has nothing to do with the post other than the fact that it's goofy and it makes me happy.)
It is a new year.
What's really trippin' me out is that next year is 2011.
As exciting as that prospect is....right now, I'm going to focus on the present and the near future.
It's a new semester and some things have had to change.
Those things being my study habits.
My grades last semester left something to be desired, so I've made a commitment to put my education junk first which means less blog time.
So if I haven't commented or posted in forever, it's not that I hate you or don't love and miss your face.
It's because I'm trying to pass my classes.
2010 has alot to offer me!!
Auditions for Les Miserables are this coming Monday and Tuesday.I will be auditioning for the parts of
Madame Thernardier and Eponine Thernardier.
The two characters are COMPLETELY different, but I feel confident in my ability to portray both.
But if I'm being completely honest, (which I always am) Eponine is what I really want. Her songs are
Not to mention that it'd be fun to be tragic.
I love tragedy.
However, Madame Thernardier would be SUPER FUN as well.
So we'll just have to see!
Also this year is Girls Camp and I am a YCL 2 so I get to be more involved with the planning! I'm STOKED about my responsibility that I was given today but I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything yet...but when I get the ok I'll definately let you know!
I have finally finished my Personal Progress!!!
I will recieve my recognition in Sacrament meeting in a couple weeks because one of my family members won't be available and I need them there.
For those of you who don't know, Personal Progress is a program that all the Young Women (girls ages 12-18) participate in in my church.
There are seven values and for each one we do 6 "value projects" which usually entail reading scriptures, writing in journals etc. Then we're required to do a "ten hour project" for each value.
Basically it teaches you how to set goals and work to achieve them.
It truly is an inspired program!!!
Now that I'm done however, I'm not done done.
I'm going to be a Personal Progress "mom" for one of the girls in my ward who could use a little extra push. I'll just try to keep her motivated and check on her progress and such.
I'm so thankful for this experience and the things I've learned from it!
And the last thing that 2o1o has to offer me....
With the books themselves and with Peeta.
Oh the boy makes my heart sing!!!
I never thought I'd say this....
You all KNOW how much I love Twilight......
So this is huge!!!!
I love the substance that these books have!
It makes my heart happy!
If you haven't read them,
That is all.
Please go vote on the poll on my sidebar.
It is highly imperative.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

Well I'm home!
And I had the BEST time ever!!!!
This trip was just what I needed!!!! The first night I was in Houston, just so stoked to be together again!!!

And we got a little slap happy!!

Okay I lied.... a lot!!!

The next day we all went to Galveston Texas which is perfectly beautiful!!!
It's a little beach town with a bunch of really old mansions!
I thought of my dear friend Ann Marie as we drove past them all!
Unfortuantely I didn't get pictures of any of them.
Sherlock and Watson freezing on the beach!!!

My guy, Gabe the Gorilla!

Julie with her Frog Prince, Ferdinand the Fifth.

Mamma and Pappa Dub with long faced guy.

Then we took a ferry ride across the Gulf which was so cool!!! (Literally!)

Katie Lou! My "sister!"

K, on the ferry if you hold up a piece of bread the seagulls FLOCK to it!!! And they just fly in place until you feed them!

Julie told me to do pilates on the bar to keep warm.

No comment.

I'm not gonna lie, I make a great hobo!!

Julie keeping my legs warm for me!!

The twins feeding the gulls.

This yellow ferry made me happy!

Afterwards we went to Keemah Boardwalk which is like an amusement park right on the water!
Soo fun!!!

Got our tickets for Boardwalk Bullet!



No explanation necessary.

I felt way too comfortable behind these bars.


Wednesday night was the big tri-stake New Years dance and it was Sam's first one!!!

New Years in Texas is BEYOND awesome because Fireworks are LEGAL!
So everyone does them and if you stand outside it sounds like downtown Bahgdad!
For the first hour I had to convince myself that no one was gettting shot!
I'm a cheap drunk!

Our first picture in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin's hands were cold, so she stuck them in my armpits?

Then came the dreaded car ride to the airport. :(
Yes it was 4:30 in the morning.

It was a great week!!!!!!
I'm so glad I got the chance to go!!!!!
Alyssa Reidhead
Christmas Comment Candy just isn't going to happen this time.
Why not?
Cause I don't feel like it.
But don't worry, CC will come back when I'm in the mood.