Tuesday, June 30, 2009

History Happiness

So as most of you know, I, RatalieNose have been taking American History this summer.
Having not taken it sophomore year, I forgot how much I like history.
This class has really gotten me thinking....

If you lived "back in the day" what kind of person would you have been???
Examples: My mom. She told me herself that she would've been a conductor on the underground railroad or would've hidden Jews in her attic during the holocaust.
Alyssa: Would've been one of the first players in the All American Womens Baseball League during World War Two.
Sammy: Would've been a daughter of a slave plantation owner who would sneak out to the slaves quarters to teach them to read and write, and give them money and food.
Julie: Would've been a tavern owner doing the Revolutionary War. Where the men had their secret meetings and signed important secret documents. She would have hidden them and been the perfect hostess.

Mary: This one needs a little explanation. During the Revolutionary War, there were two sisters who were on the American's side. But they had boyfriends who were Red Coats. So they would go into the British camp to see their boys, pick up information, and take it back to the Americans. Awesome right?? SO Mary!!!

Me: I would've been an outspoken writer who used a man's name and got published, speaking out against slavery and such and speaking for women's rights!
You can learn alot about a person from this question.
It's really brought history to life for me.
What about you?
What's your place in history?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

"No Need to Say Goodbye"

My best friend since birth is moving to Texas on Sunday.
Her name is Julie.
That's her on the far left in the white jacket.
I can't even tell you how much I'm going to miss her.
So I'm not gonna try, instead I'm going to show you some pictures of our good times and tell you why I love and adore her.
A big part of it is that we've just been friends for so long....
"In the Beginning, there was Natalie and Julie...."
When we're together, we're not afraid to be ourselves, so sometimes we sorta...let loose!!
Through thick and thin we've been there for one another!
We understand each other's (Read: She understands my) Craziness!

Some of my favorite nick names have come from our six and a half million inside jokes!
(ie: Batman, Little John, Theresa, Peanut Butter, Kharma ect. ect.)

We sing songs.
And dance crazy dances.
And think we're awesome.
Cause we are!
Julie has always been the best example to me!
When I cry, she holds me till I get it out, then makes me laugh.
We've made so many plans together!
Some of which we've actually carried out!!
She lets me make up her life story!
(I've probably rearranged her marriage about 980 times)
We're basically like the Dynamic Duo!
She's tough! Beneath that cute, sweet exterior is a girl tough as nails who can do anything!!!!!
She has the most beautiful smile! It seriously lights up the room!
She ALWAYS has a positive attitude!!!
She's one of the few people I'll listen to when I need to calm down, relax or stop my rubbish.
She's one of those people that you can't not like!
She makes the best facial expressions EVER!!!
These are just some of the amazing things that make up the beautiful amazing Julie!
I sure love ya girl!!!!!
Thanks for the last 16 years of absoloute fabulousness!
Here's to MANY MANY more to come!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Am I the only one who thinks this picture is really funny?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top 10 Things I Love About JerBear

1. The faces we make at each other during church while he's sitting on the stand.
2. His habit of writing "I love you, Dad" at the end of every email he sends me.
3. How he supports me in anything I choose to do. Whether it be dance, softball, choir, student council, whatever, he and mom are always there, my biggest fans.
4. His laugh. If you've heard it, you know why I love it. So loud and boisterous, it's just him! I'll do anything, no matter how dumb, to be able to hear that laugh.
5. His present to me for my 16th Birthday.
6. Watching him with his grandkids, or any kid for that matter. He just lights up! And they all ADORE him.
7. His funny phrases,
"Let's blow this taco stand,"
"You little cherub,"
"Get up and pee, the worlds on fire!"
8. How he has a song for EVERYTHING!
I've inherited this funny trait from him and I love it!
9. The love he has for my mom. I see it in everything he does. I've always dreamed of finding a man who loves me as much as my dad loves my mom.
10. My dad would do ANYTHING for his family. Whether it's helping his son lay sod in his front yard, or helping his other son mow lawns for money or tutoring one of his daughters in math, he's always been there for us.
I love you dad.
Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Because RatalieNose is Picture Happy

We finally downloaded some pictures from Emily's wedding. Here are some of my favorites! The Bridesmaids!
Marlie, Erin, Kenzlee, Kylie, Yours Truly, Kim, Jadey

Grand Merkleys!



My Sister Kim
Silly Bridesmaids

Emily and her bridesmaids at the wedding dinner!

Love my daddy!
My gorgeous sister-in-law Miranda!

*Stay tuned*
Pretty soon here I'll be introducing a brand spankin new feature and two very important people!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Am 16 Going on 17

Always loved this scene and song!
If you haven't heard the song 16 Going on 17 from The Sound of Music,
then this post won't make much sense.
Go here to read the lyrics.
So I was thinking about this song and in it, Liesel is 16 years old and she has alot of ideas about love and life, many of them, not true. As she grows older and matures, she begins to see how she was wrong. So I thought I'd do a little exercise where I, a 16 year old, write down MY ideas about love and life, and in a few years, once I've matured a bit I'll be able to look back and see if I was right.
So without further adieu:
Natalie Rose's
Ideas About Life and Love
Age 16

I am a firm believer in true love.

Though I would LOVE to find love at first sight, I don't think its possible.

I firmly believe in the institution of marriage.

Life's what's you make it.

You can't always choose your circumstances, but you can choose how you react to them.

Boys: Can't live with them, Can't live without them.

Friends will be there for a time, Families are Forever.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ratalie's Dictionary: Part Three

Sorry I've been a slacker lately, I just haven't been up to posting this week.
But I shall redeem myself by finishing up the dictionary today!
Here we go.
First up, we have my beautiful sister Emily!!
Question: How is summer school?
Answer: Summer school is not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, I don't LOVE it, but I don't hate it either. My teacher is pretty awesome so that helps. And I'm really enjoying learning about the history of this beautiful country I live in.
Emily's Word: Unstoppable
Example: Emily is like a force of nature. Once she gets started, you can't stop her. From little things like cleaning a house in twenty minutes to big things like planning a wedding in two and a half months, Emily will not stop till it gets done and done right.
Question One: What color is your bedroom?
Answer One: Pink and Yellow!!!! My old favorite color and my new favorite color!
Question Two: What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Answer Two: The STARTALK Program. In July I'll be staying at ASU for two weeks learning the Chinese language and about the culture! I went to the orientation on Friday and I think it's going to be fabulous!!!
Ann's Word: Thoughtful
Example: Ann is always quick with a kind word or a helpful thought. She looks for the good in life and is a joy to all who know her.
(Btw, I didn't know you went private. I want in!!)
Question: What is your favorite chick flick film?
Answer: Ah man!! That is SO hard!! There are SO many!! I may have to give you a list...(in no particular order)
1. Ever After
2. You've Got Mail
3. Just Like Heaven
4. The Prince and Me
5. One Fine Day
6. While You Were Sleeping
And many many more!!!
Holly's word: Talented!
Example: Her beautiful voice, her amazing piano skills and the fact that she can teach others these things! That is talent!
My amazing sister Bekah!!
Question: Would you keep a happy thought journal if I made you one?
Answer: YES!!!! I'd love that!!!!!!
Bekah's Word: Inspirational
Example: After a long or short talk with Bekah, I always have a renewed desire to do better. I look at where she is in her life and think "That's exactly where I want to be."
Lauren's Word: Fabulous!
Example: Everything about her! Her clothes, her hair, her talents, her quirks! She embodies the word!! The other day I was thinking about her and I decided that she is what I'd call a "Blogging Celebrity," were there such thing.
Darling Addison!
Addison's word: Brave
Example: Her entire life but especially the post she posted on May Eighth that I can't get a link to.
And last but not least.
My dear sister Kimberly!
Kim's Word: Stalwart
Example: Through everything, Kim has stood by her friends, family and beliefs. Nothing will ever change that. I'm so blessed to have her in my life!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ratalie's Dictionary- Part Two

Next in our dictionary we have the hilarious Jen from Sprite's Keeper.

Question: How many pizookies can you eat in one sitting? IMPRESS ME!
Answer: Well I've never really tried for a big number, most I've ever eaten is two. But I could probably max it up to three.
Yeah, I know, not that impressive.
Jen's word: Sarcastic
Examples: Jen has mastered the delicate art of sarcasm! It's hilarious! But she also knows when to keep it real. I love it!

Oh Yay we get to talk about Camille next!

Question: What's your favorite shirt in your closet?
Answer: Hold on, let me go check.
Okay I'm back.
've decided that my current favorites are all six of my plain white Hanes mens v-neck T-shirts.
Bah! No joke!
If you'd asked about my favorite dress then I'd tell you that its my new zebra dress.
Its amazing!

Camille's word: Unique
Example: Just read her writings, she's one in a million! You could search the earth for a thousand years and you'd never find someone else quite like Camille!

Next up we have the lovely Laynee!
Question: What's been one of your favorite parts of life so far?
Answer: Becoming an aunt!!! I absoloutely love it!!!!!

Laynee's word: Melodious
Example: Here's the definition according to dictionary. com:
1. of the nature of or characterized by melody; tuneful.
2. producing melody; sweet-sounding; musical.
Laynee has a BEAUTIFUL voice! It's absoloutely wonderful! But not only that, everything about her is sweet, carrying and lovely. Just like the word.

And lastly for today: the amazing Chloe, from My Happy Ending.
Question One: What are your plans for next year?
Answer One: School year? Well I'll be taking Anatomy, Trig, Choir, Seminary, Student Council, English and Chinese/Mandarin. My position in Stuco is Director of Cultural Affairs.

Question Two: What's your favorite movie?
Answer Two: Oh I have SO many!!! I ADORE Disney so we'll go with Pochahontas!!

Question Three: Favorite actor/actress?
Answer Three: Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Actor: Anyone foxy.

Question Four: First kiss, who where how?
Answer: I think I've touched on this before, but I'll touch on it again. My first kiss was kind of a fiasco, to tell you the truth. I'll just leave it at that.

Chloe's word: Inquisitive
Example: She's always learning about the world around her. She's bilingual and very smart!
More names to come!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ratalie's Dictionary-Part One

A few weeks ago, I was at a Girl's Night and we were discussing this:

If I had a dictionary, and I had to put a picture under every word, whose picture would be under which word? Who is the definition of each word?
The idea intrigued me, so I went around the group, assigning words for everyone. The word that all my friends assigned me was Spontaneous.
Since I enjoyed this so much, I thought I'd do the same for you my amazing blog friends!

So if you commented on This Post, then you will be getting a word assigned to you and an example of how you are that word. And I will also answer your question(s)!

*Disclaimer* I don't know all of you as well as I'd like to, so if your word doesn't describe you like you think it should then I'm sorry! I'm doing my best!*

First off, we have the amazing Shayla!
She's one of my newer blog friends and I already adore her!!!!!!

Question: What is your number 1 totaly top favorite song right now?
Answer: Well, it is ALWAYS changing but at the moment, it is The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls.

Shayla's word: Supportive
Example: This Post

Next up, my dear friend Alyssa!
Question One: What's up with that picture? Is it random or someone we know?
Answer: Its Random, I found it on the internet and LOVE it!

Question Two: Why haven't you dedicated an entire post to me yet?
Answer: Lyss, I've only done that a couple times and it was for birthdays, yours is in a couple months....and trust me, it'll be good!!!!

Alyssa's word: Bold
Example: Alyssa NEVER hesitates and just goes for it! She's not afraid of what other people think about her and pushes through until she accomplishes her goals.

Thirdly, the fabulous Cherie!
Question: If you could be cast as the leading lady in any movie, what would it be?
Answer: Five bucks you were expecting me to say Twilight well I'm not one to disappoint!

Cherie's word: Genuine
Examples: Every post she writes, every comment she leaves, you can tell that she really means what she says.

Okay the last one for today is the fabulous Susannah Jane!
Oh I how I love this girl!
Question: What is the meaning of life?
Answer: I think that the answer varies depending on the person, for me, the meaning of life is improving yourself and becoming the person that God intended you to be.

Suz's word: Sweet
Example: The things she does and doesn't say. She's never critical or mean. She thinks about others so much more than herself. She'd do anything for her family and friends.

So you get the gist of how this is all gonna go down.
More definitions to come!
Everyone have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Know the Drill

For all you DEPRIVED souls, a Pizookie is a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top.
You take the cookie right out of the oven when its still a little gooey and throw on some vanilla ice cream and Wallah!
Dessert Happiness!!!!!

Friends, it is that time again.

Other bloggers have come to call them
"Comment Giveaways"
I suppose that'll suffice.

So hup too, you know the drill.

Comment on this post, and if you'd like, ask a question, ANY QUESTION, and in a couple days...

You'll be glad you did!