Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Luffff My Life!!!!

So I haven't had time to post lately because Julie, my BFF is here from Texas!!! Already, we've had SO.MUCH.FUN. Lunch dates, boy dates, movies, swimming oh and uh having our car break down twice. Awesome. But truly!
So this'll just be a quick post but I HAD to say.....
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have NEVER left a Twilight movie happy!
I always leave cranky and annoyed.
But last night I left on Cloud 9!
This new director is brilliant!!!!
Things I loved:

*Jacob's Abs
*Jacob's Face
*Jasper and Rosalie's stories = YES!!!!!!
*More Emmet = YESS!!!!
*The Sex Talk scene = DYING LAUGHING!!!!
*New Victoria actually did a good job!
*Riley was fabulous!!
*Dakota Fanning is a boss!
*Bella gets prettier every movie.
*Ashley Greene (Alice) is fabulous. Flawless. Love her.
*I loved the inclusion of details from the Bree Tanner book. If you haven't read it, hurry and go to before they take it down. Read it. That's an order.
*I HATE Leah!!! Which means the actress did a great job. Bless her.
*Seth is a DOLL!!!

Okay so I liked alot of things. I was SO pleasantly surprised! I'm still overjoyed!
Have a great week!
More adventures later!

Friday, June 25, 2010

High School Happiness

Believe it or not, there is such a thing!!
Thank goodness.
In fact, this year, the happiness has been equal to or MORE than the horrors, which is amazing! I think it's because even if you have less happy than horror, the happy means more, thus creating equilibrium.
Wow big word.
Okay moving on to the point.
Picture this with me. It's Tuesday, the last full day of the school year. Wednesday and Thursday are both final days which means half day. So Tuesday was the last day I would see EVERYONE. So how did I want to be remembered? Just look at the pictures. Bo Lao Shi-the most patient, longsuffering, and otherwise awesome Chinese teacher ever!
Brother Sell-greatest seminary teacher known to mankind.

The 3 Stooges

Now here comes the story:
It's Tuesday circa 6:45 am.
Last day of A-hour seminary.
But we weren't having a lesson, just chillin' signing yearbooks etc.
Me, Ed (Steph), and Hannah are sitting there wondering aloud where in the world Karla is because she PROMISED she'd come.
So I comandeer Hannah's phone so I can give Karla a piece of my mind.
And she claims to be landing her mother ship at seminary in approximately 15 minutes.
So I say, "let's jump on her when she gets here."
And Hannah, being BRILLIANT, says
"I still have those dress-ups in my car from the anti-prom party."
(Another post soon to come.)
"We should get dressed up and jump on her!"
So we got dressed and waited.
Ready to pounce.
And pounce we did!
I think we almost gave poor Karla a heart attack, but it sure was fun!
Anywho, we promptly got Karla into a stupid outfit.
Then we all made a pact to wear the clothes for
And we decided to keep our motives a secret.
If someone asked Stephanie why she was wearing her outfit, she said "Ask Karla"
If Karla was asked, she said "Ask Natalie"
If I was asked, I said, "Ask Hannah"
And if Hannah was asked, she said "Ask Stephanie"
It took everyone till about third hour to get that it was all a huge loop.
It was seriously one of the greatest days of the entire year.
Bless dress-ups forever and ever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ratalie's Reveling Rhetoric

So this morning I needed some music to listen to so I went onto grooveshark and proceeded to make a small playlist that defines how I'm feeling about life at this point. Here's the list:
Lost by Micheal Buble
I'm Only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift
Invisible by Taylor Swift
Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy
Come in With the Rain by Taylor Swift
You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman
Need You Know by Lady Antebellum
Am I in need of some psychoanalysis or what?
In other news, I hung out with Charming today for the first time since our date last summer and umm...he's fabulous.
Just sayin'.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

High School Horrors Part 10

So I know it's summer, but there are some Horrors that I feel are recap worthy.
So here we go:
As we all know, friends are debatably the most important part of a high schooler's existence, so when something happens that jeapordizes them, it becomes your very own living nightmare.
The Three Scariest Experiences of Ratalie's Junior Year
3. My BFF Suz was feeling awful during choir. So we were outside and I was doing my best to help her out. I turned away for one second and the next thing I know, her eyes are rolling back in her head and she's falling backwards and I hear her head hit the pavement with a thud. Terr.I.Fy.Ing.
2. This one got it's one post. The Rusty/Peanut Butter Episode. Go here to read all about it.
1. The number one most terrifying experience of this night I was sitting at home and someone burst through our door. It was Edell, my friend Jake's mom. She was borderlining hysterical as she said "Jake's been in a motorcycle accident, can we leave our car here so Glen and I can drive together?" And with that she was gone. We had no idea how serious it was or what exactly happened. All night I was wreck. I even texted Jake thinking that if he was concious he'd have his phone on him: "Jake are you okay???" Not recieving an answer made it even worse. Finally, around 11 pm Edell came back to pick up the car. Becuase Jake had been wearing his helmet he had made it without any serious injuries and had walked out of the hospital. I don't think I'd ever been that relieved in my entire life. I booked it outside to jump on Jake and see with my own two eyes that he was okay. To this day, I am a HUGE advocate for wearing helmets on motorcycles, it saved my best friends life!
I'm so thankful that in all three of these scenarios, my friends were okay. I know without a doubt that all three of them were being watched over by a loving Heavenly Father. And that, with him on my side, I need never fear.