Monday, September 28, 2009

Comment Candy Part Two

Time to spread some more sweetness!
First up today we have Ms. Shelby Lou!
I truly love this girl!!!
Her posts are amazing, she's a brilliant post titler!
They're always so funny and awesome!
Every time I post I just wish I could send her what I wrote and have her write me a title!
So there were TONS of posts to choose from, but this is great one:
This is super uplifting!
Read it and leave Shelbs some love!!!!
Sorry this is so short!!
More as soon as I can post!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Suz!!!!

Meet Suz.
The nicest, most selfless girl I have ever met.
Like, you don't understand.
She NEVER thinks about herself, EVER!
It's incredible!
I want to be like her when i grow up. One of my favorite things about Susannah is that she's an amazing listener.
I could ramble on for hours and she would wait patiently until I was done.
Because she doesn't talk as much as the rest of us, she sees and hears more than most people.
She's so compassionate and understanding, always sensitive to the feelings of others.
Suz has dedicated her life to serving others, her siblings, her parents and her friends.
She's always there for you when you need her.
She hates talking badly about others so she's super uplifting to talk to.
Susannah is so forgiving, I can be so mean and rude sometimes, and she never holds it against me.
I would trust this girl with my life.

Susannah's biggest goal in life is to be a mom.
Her children are truly going to be the luckiest kids on earth!
I love ya Suz!
Happy Seventeenth!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is Where I Apologize for Being Such a Bad Blog Friend

Yes I am sincerely sorry for slacking this week!
It's been insane so posting, reading and commenting has been minimal....
But I have a couple things to make up for it!

A. For the past while my camera hasn't been plugging into my computer so I haven't been able to show ya'll any new pictures, BUT now that I have Pokey (my laptop, thanks for the name Em) I'll be able to!! So stay tuned for a sneak peek of my homecoming dress and some other things I've gotten requests for! (Jen and Christie I promise I'll post pictures of the aprons soon!)

B. It's time to give away some Comment Candy!!!!
(Thanks for the name Cherie!)
For those of you who commented on my last post, keep your eyes out for your name and your candy! (Sorry I can't really give candy, I'm poor!)

So let's get started!
There are so many great bloggers out there who write brilliant posts!
So today I thought I'd spotlight some of these posts!

Going in order, we'll start with Camille!
Oh man her entire site is so amazing I'm gonna have a hard time just picking one!!!
But I think I'm gonna have to go with the post that always pops in my mind whenever I think of her:
My Best Friend's Uterus Has a Split Personality
Oh yes it is a glorious post!!!
I would tell you more about it, but she puts it way better than I do, so just read it and some of her other posts and while you're at it leave her some comment love!

I'm afraid that that's all I have time for today, I've got chores and homework to do before I go to a party, but there will definately be more Candy tomorrow!
Love Love Love you all!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm in a Good Mood!!

Yes I am.
I just got a laptop!!!
My very own!!!
Bless my sister Emily and her posterity forever and ever!!!
She sold me hers for cheap!
So since I've been so blessed today, it's time to spread the love.
It's that time again!
Time for one of my "comment giveaways"
If you're new here at EverybodyNose, let me fill you in.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and in a few days you'll be glad you did!
It's as simple as that!
But this time I'm going to ask you to adress one or all of these things in your comments:
A. I'm sick of calling them "comment giveaways" any witty suggestions on what I can call this?
B. Tell me about your current favorite song! My playlist could use some new tunes!
C. A name for my laptop.
Ready, Set, Comment!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seven in Six

In six months, I RatalieNose, have been on seven dates.
Let's review shall we?
1. My first date ever. Coyotes game and Applebee's with Rusty and my family. Want full details?
Girl ask guy.
2. Date number two was with Tyler. We did a progressive dinner and played games at each house.
Details HERE.
Girl ask guy.
3. Dates number three and four never got posts so I'll sum them up here. Three was during the summer. During this time, the two girls I was hanging out with the most had boyfriends. (Holler at your fifth wheeeeel!) Anywho, the boyfriends had never been to Olive Garden so my friends wanted to take them. Well, my friend had a foreign exchange student at the time and she wanted him to go. So I took him. Now let me make this clear, he was an awesome kid and I really liked him, but we'd never talked before the date. And he didn't really talk to me on the date....awesome....
Girl ask guy.
4. Okay date number four had been LONG anticipated. It was with my dear friend Charming. (He's the one who calls me Pige. Read about that HERE.)
We'd started talking over Winter break and had been planning to hang out forever. But it didn't happen until summer. It was the first date I'd been asked on. We went to the park and had a picnic and played games. There was a little awkwardness since I didn't know his friends (Charming goes to Mt. View) but it was still super fun! The best part was when we sat on the swings for like an hour just talking. Seriously, we talked about EVERYTHING! Oh how I miss Charming!
Guy ask girl.
5. The fifth date was also with Tyler. This time we had the dinner race then played games and swam. For the full story, go HERE.
Girl ask guy.
6. Date number six was Mary's first date. We went blind goofy golfing, boys blindfolded for a hole, then girls, and the other person has to direct you and basically golf for you. Then we played laser tag and ate lunch at Wendys. So so fun!!!!!
Guy ask girl.
7. Last but not least, date number seven was yesterday. We went and did baptisms at the temple then ate paninis and ice cream at Mary's house. Wow, it was seriously amazing. I'd been sick all week and all day yesterday I was at grandpa's funeral so going to the temple was EXACTLY what I needed. I've been before but it was a new experience going with boys and I really liked it. I felt the spirit so strongly and it was so cool to know that my friends were feeling the same thing! Two weels ago I was feeling emotionally sick and this past week I was physically sick but after being at the temple yesterday,
I feel whole.
So there you have it, seven dates in six months!
I bought my dress for Homecoming today!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandpa Reg

As I mentioned before, my grandpa on my dad's side passed away on Monday.
He's been really sick for awhile now so we're happy that he's out of his pain.
Grandpa was truly an amazing man.
He's the perfect example of changing for the better and helping others change their lives. Some favorite grandpa memories:
*"Awful Waffles" every Sunday morning session of general conference.
Don't be fooled by the name, they're probably the best tasting waffles ever!
*Having him at every family event. From baby blessings, to mission calls to weddings he was always there!
*Going to see the Nutcracker!
*Playing piano at his wedding!
I miss you Grandpa!
I can't wait to see you again and hear you say
"Hey darlin" or "Hey sugar"
Love you!

Thanks Bekah for the pictures!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High School Horrors #3

So I was sick all day yesterday.
Ten minutes into seminary and I knew that school was out of the question.
So I missed all day Monday, and I'll also miss all day Friday for my Grandpa's funeral
(post to come)
If you can recall from the first installment of High School Horrors, my schedule this year is not one that allows many absent days.
So missing school today (Tuesday) was not an option.
My mom convinced me to sleep through A hour so I started my day off with Trig.
I'm taking a quiz and suddenly
all Hell begins to break loose in my body again.
I hastily ask if I can step outside and begin gagging and coughing.
Gagging and coughing inevitably lead to throwing up what little I had in my stomach.
And who happens to mosey on over about this time???
None other than Mr. Gates.
The foxy assistant principal on whom I have a HUGE crush.
BLAST him for knowing my name!
"Are you okay?"
"Y-y-yes, I'm fine.
"You need to go to the nurse."
"No really I can't go home I can't miss any more sch-
*insert vomiting noise here*
Yeah. Real convincing Nat.
"I'll call you in to the nurse."
Can I just say that I HATE school nurses??
It's like they're purposely mean so you won't come back!
So anywho, after getting my stuff and trying to ignore the stares I slowly make my way to the nurses office where she proceeds to snap at me and make me feel about two inches tall.
After taking my temperature (which was only about a 97) and listening to my sob story about not missing school, she orders me to lie down until second hour.
So all day long I meander around feeling like a truck ran over me 87 times.
In Anatomy, my pregnant teacher made me feel like a leper that was going to contaminate the world.
In choir, due to my not having a voice, I sat there like an idiotic mute.
All in all, not one of my greatest days at Westwood.

Friday, September 11, 2009


This weeks English assignment was to create pictures of moments with words.
Here's what I came up with, along with some pictures to supplement.
Have a great weekend!
What’s In a Name?
Sitting in a room too sterile for its own good. Crammed onto a tiny couch not meant for three people. Holding a precious newborn small enough to fit in my purse. I still didn’t know what Baby Madeleine’s full name was! Her parents had kept me in suspense for months. Now, sitting next to my brother-in-law Andy, the moment had come. He was writing a blog post to announce the arrival of his fourth child. He typed “Madeleine” then turned to me, “you ready for this Nat?” “Yes!” My breath caught in my throat as his abnormally large fingers typed the word Rose. For the first time in my life, I was speechless. This beautiful girl in my arms shared my name! Instantly I was struck by the power of this moment. I felt the pressure of being a role model. I immediately resolved to never do anything to make Miss Madeleine Rose feel ashamed of her namesake.

All Lit Up

I’d been waiting for this moment ever since I set foot on French soil. It was my last Sunday here in this beautiful city and unlike my hometown of Mesa, the streets of Paris teemed with life. People were everywhere, living it up and enjoying the beautiful weather. The air surrounding me was electric, like someone had plugged the city into a wall and pressed the ON button. Though it was almost eleven o’clock, I felt safe walking alongside my 6’3’’ brother-in-law Andy. We quickly made our way up to Sacreqour where, according to Bekah, we’d have the best view in the city. As the minutes slugged by and turned into seconds, my anticipation reached a breaking point, no longer bubbling in my stomach, but boiling over like hot water left on the burner too long. Then, finally, it came. The Eiffel Tower sparkled and shone like nothing I’d ever seen before. The beauty of it made tears come to my eyes. I could’ve been hundreds of miles away and still have been able to see the brilliant glittering. “Okay,” I thought to myself. “I can go home now.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Otherwise known as Skipper.
Or Alyssa Borkus Corkus Dorkus.
Or Alyssa the Babe. Alyssa turns 17 today.
She's old.
Alyssa and I have a....complex relationship.
As we've gotten older, it's simplified and solidified.
But back in Jr. day we'd be friends, the next, enemies.
I guess you could've called us Frenemies.
The reason for all the hostility?
Alyssa and I are VERY similar.
In COMPLETELY different ways.
We both have extremely strong personalities and for several years we clashed terribly.
But their are two sides to every Love-Hate relationship.
As angry and annoyed and sad that she made me, I've always loved Lyssa dearly.
She's one of those people who you can't help but love.
She's as unique as they come.
Alyssa is one of the most talented people I've ever met.
She's a math genius, an athletic goddess and is a Super Sightreader.
She's also one of the most confident people I've ever met.
She knows exactly who she is and isn't afraid to show it.
I've learned alot from my years of friendship from Alyssa:
1. How to wrap a toilet seat with saran rap.
2. How to handle jerk face boys.
3. How to appreciate thick hair.
4. What cute butts and rockin' bods REALLY look like.
5. How to be an amazing friend.
Some favorite Lyssa memories:
1. Trying to outsing each other in Encore.
2. 1st hour Chemistry
3. Planning her life about six and a half million times
4. Drawing pictures of her life
5. Spreading rumors about her.
(With her permission of course!)
Another thing I truly admire about Alyssa is her amazing testimony and love of the Gospel.
Standing at around 5 foot 4, she's a true Spiritual Giant.

We laugh, we fight.

We love, we hate.

We glare, we grin.

We are Alyssa and Natalie.

I sure do love ya girl.

Happy 17th!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As most of you know, President Obama spoke to all of the school aged kids in America today.
The idea sent the whole country into a ruckus.
"He's got a hidden agenda!"
"He's gonna try and turn our kids into Democrats!"
"His soul is so unclean that pure water will melt him!"
Bull Crap.
I am not a fan of Obama, however, he is my president and I will show him the respect he deserves.
Okay, back to the speech.
Want to know what his real purpose was?
His "hidden agenda?"
It was to motivate.
To get the future of America motivated about education.
That's it.
He spoke to us about setting goals and not making excuses.
He told us that education is the only way that we will succeed in life.
I already knew all that stuff!
So, did I need to listen?
But was it nice to know that my president cares about my future and the future of my peers???

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cousins By Nature, Best Friends By Choice

Yes, that is the story of mine and Mary's lives.
I love everything about this girl.
Together we've laughed, cried, gotten in and out of trouble and basically lived and loved life.
Tomorrow is her sweet 16!!!
I seriously don't think I can put into words how much I love and adore this girl...
But I'm gonna try.
I think the pictures will help.
Mary and I can be "Special" together.
She's always good for a good time!!
Nothing is too weird for her!
She makes me laugh, even when all I want to do is frown.
She's not afraid to be Mary.
You know how in some friendships, the roles are easily defined?
One person is the hero, the others the sidekick?
With us, that is so not the case!
It varies, keeps us on our toes!
We're both the Queen's of Pasta
We've been there for each other through everything.
And I do mean EVERYTHING!

Mary forces me to be social, especially on those days when I want to become a hermit and never come out.
I can't count the number of times I've called her up and said "I need you."
Always, she's there within minutes.
I love her honesty.
I can always depend on her to tell me exactly what's going on.
I love how Mary puts 100% into EVERYTHING she does.
With her, nothing goes half-done.
I've made plenty of mistakes, some of which could've cost me her friendship, but she's always been the epitome of forgiveness!
While I was at Chinese camp this summer, her texts and phone calls were what got me through the madness!
We're so similar, and yet so different.
I love how we both love making weird connections between things and remember dates that things happen. It seems that we're always thinking and saying the same things.
I love how we're like the minis our twin mothers.
Happy 16th Birthday Mary!
I don't know what I'd do without you!
Love ya more than ya know!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures and a Letter

These lovely works of art come from the brilliance and talent that belong to Mary and Susannah! They both currently reside on my ribbon board in the woman cave. But I decided to not be selfish and share their amazingness with all of you! Praises and props to Mary because I LOVE this!
It's so...ME!!!
Click on it to make it bigger and tell me that it does not scream Natalie!
(I mean other than the fact that it's my name!)
And this....Oh Susannah.
She knows not how I treasure this.
The girl is obviously me.....
10 points to anyone who can guess who the boy is.
Dear 3-Day-Weekend:
Oh my dear friend!
Thank you so much for coming!
Right in the nick of time no less.
Bless your soul, we shall have great times together!
Editor In Chief
(I've always wanted to say that!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


By writing this post, I'm breaking my personal rule of
"no computer until homework is done."
But not posting regularly here at EverybodyNose feels like child neglect!
And not reading and commenting on all my friend's blogs feels like....
well the first phrase that came to mind was animal cruelty...
but that makes no sense.
Some Tidbits From the Life of RatalieNose
1. Got my haircut a little bit ago, it looks just like it does in the above picture and I love it!!!!
Thank you Miranda!!!
2. Yesterday was early release so we went to our friends house and had this amazing Finnish breakfast dish thing that I can't pronounce. HEAVEN!!!
3. Assembly tomorrow = Shorter classes!!
5. Date with Shirt Boy on Monday!
6. Anatomy test tomorrow....
I better go study!
Love you all!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I've mentioned before that my plan in life is to become a third grade teacher.
Alot of people scratch their head at that.
"Why so specific?" they ask.
Well, look up at the woman in the picture.
There's your answer.
That woman was my third grade teacher.
Her name is Mrs. Medrano.
Bless her heart.
Here's some background about us:
When I was in second grade, choosing my teacher for third, I wanted Mr. Hulsenback.
He had snakes in his classroom!
But my mom, (bless her!) had other plans for me.
I was told that I would be in Mrs. Medrano's class, and let me tell you:
I was NOT HAPPY!!!
And someone let that fact slip to her, so she was forewarned, and she worried about it all summer.
"Oh no, this girl doesn't like me, we're not going to get along, yadda yadda yadda."
By the end of the year, she was my favorite teacher of all time.
I still go see her every summer before school starts.
So what's so great about her??
She doesn't take less than your best.
Her class is what got me serious about learning.
In her own words:
"She sticks a boot up your butt."
She pushed me.
But was always there to dry my tears.
And was always the happiest person when I succeeded.
She STILL has my test scores and pulls them out whenever I complain that I'm not good at math.
Because of her, I realized what great potential I had!
Third grade was the year I made the most improvement.
All because of this sweet sweet woman.
So again, why do I want to be a third grade teacher?
So I can be, to some bratty, unfocused child, what she was to me:
Thank you all so much for your words of love and encouragement! I have the best blog friends on the net!