Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sweet Escape: Tussle Edition

Winter formal this year was a blast!!!! I went with my buddy JC and we had the best time! Since the theme was Sweet Escape, I changed the words to the Gwen Stefani song and sang it during choir:
If I could escape I would but first of all let me say
I must apologize for asking you to formal so late
But I've been searchin and ponderin and prayin and tryin to get off the bed I've been layin but now you are back and here's what I'm sayin
If I could escape
And create an awesome senior year
With stories for my grandkids to hear
We could dance together
Now tell me JC wouldn't that be sweet?

And to answer, he and some friends wrote this original darling song and sang it in choir with me sitting on the stool front and center blushing like crazy.

For our day activity we did graham cracker houses, sugar cookies and paper snowflakes.

That night we did pictures in downtown Mesa then went to Target all fancy-like to get our presents for our gift exchange.
Some smart-alec lady goes "Are ya'll getting married in Target?"

We had dinner on Jessica's back porch and it was all elegant and fabulous!!

Then we took our paper snowflakes and put them in our old choir teachers yard, then off to the temple lights.

For the first time ever, the actual dance was fun and worth going to! JC and I goofed around and sang to each other while we slow danced.

After the dance we went to my house, did our gift exchange and played our usual game of keys. Then we watched The Grinch to get into the Christmas spirit.

I was so glad that this dance was so fun, considering its one of the last I'll go to.

Our Cheap dance is this weekend and guess who asked me?????No really, guess.
I'll let you know who was right in my next post.
Be excited.

I am.