Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tzeitel Don't Forget the Baby!!!!

You know what stinks???
When something that you used to really love and enjoy...becomes a chore.
It breaks my heart to say this...but that is what has happened with blogging.
So for now I shall say farwell and leave you with a song:

If you find it's me your missing, if you're hoping I'll return.
To your thoughts I'll soon be listening, in the road I'll stop and turn.
Then the wind will set me racing as my journey nears its end.
And the path I'll be retracing, I'll be homeward bound again.
Bind me not to the pasture.
Chain me not to the plow.
Set me free to find my calling.
And I'll return to you somehow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters From the Undeceased

Dear EverybodyNose,
I am so SORRY that I have been neglecting you. I'm a terrible blogger.
Lazy Blog Author

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for neglecting you all. I'm a terrible blog friend.
Person Who Needs to Catch Up On Your Lives

Dear Life I've Been Living Lately,
You have ups, downs, and in-betweens. You make me laugh, cry, scream, and cry some more. Thanks for showing me what it's all about.