Tuesday, August 11, 2009

High School Horrors: Part One

I'm starting a new series here at Everybody Nose:
High School Horrors.
Be very afraid....
School hasn't even started yet and I already have my first entry.
Horror Numero Uno:
My Schedule for Junior Year
A- Seminary
(6:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!)
1- Trigonometry
2- AP Junior English
3- AP Anatomy and Physiology
4- Student Council
5- Honor Choir
6- Chinese Mandarin 2
Yes you read the right. TWO!!!!!!!
Why not one??
Because the only hour that it's offered is fifth, during Honor Choir!!!
WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????????????????
Now if that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.
Edited to add:
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And for future HSH, just scroll down to the label that reads
High School Horrors.


AmyK said...

What in the world! So what can you do? Drop Chinese? I don' get it! I hated those little scheduling conflicts. Ha, I say little as though that's an adequate description. BIG! I was in orchestra and the right class was only offered once a day, and it almost always coincided with something I needed to take. Luckily there was a zero hour class an hour before school started!

I hope you get it straightened out!

Susannah Jane said...

We have 2nd and 5th! Haley has it too.

Alexa Mae said...

you are amazingly smart! i cant ever comprehend putting those classes down on my schedule. i was lucky to make it out alive with the requirements!

Christie said...

That schedule makes my palms sweaty just looking at it. If anyone can do it though, you can! Have a great junior year!

HollywoodSmile:) said...

yikes! that really is scary! i have a small inkling that you'll be just fine, however. good luck at your first day tomorrow!! the first day back is always exciting.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

oops, that last comment was from me.

Geneva said...

Smarty pants! you are going to do so well! The first semester is almost always a review of the last year so you'll be fine. Plus you took the ASU thing so you probably have more bouncing around in your head than everyone else in the class. And worst case, you drop it at the semester and take a night class at MCC second semester. Good luck tomorrow!

Chloe said...

Wow! yes, that's scary!! OMG, Chinese TWO!!! Good luck!...
Although I know you're very capable! don't worry!!

Natalie Ann Ingram said...

WOW You have a crazy schedule! You are so brave to take on so many hard classes. I am a serious wuss when it comes to school. I always took the easy road in high school...in my classes at least.

Good luck on your new school year! I am super excited to hear more about your high school horrors!


Dont burn yourself out there sister. Chinese Mandarin 2, i am speachless.

Cherie said...

That is QUITE the schedule - It makes me shiver in my shoes but I KNOW you will do great because you are smart and fun and love school!!

Cherie said...

That is QUITE the schedule - It makes me shiver in my shoes but I KNOW you will do great because you are smart and fun and love school!!

Nancy Face said...

EEEK! I'm scared! :0

Maybe Honor Choir and Student Council will keep you sane...? :)