Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Came a Day Late this Year

Well friends, Christmas has come and gone and it was fabulous!!!!
I have some pictures because Santa brought me this little lovely: Her name is Cammie and I adore her.
However, an unexpected present that flew into my life a couple hours ago is going to keep me from uploading pictures for a week or so because......
I'm going to Houston tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get to go see my Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like you don't even understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here at EverybodyNose will pick back up when I return home in a weeks time.
So this gives you more time to leave a comment on the below post.
Christmas Comment Candy will be sweeter because you get to wait for it!!!
Love love love you all!!!!!!
Alyssa Willis

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season and All That Jazz

Yes friends, it is that time again.
I figured since it is the season of giving, no better time to toss out some
Comment Candy.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go HERE.
While I'm on the subject of Christmas,
I thought I'd toss out a thought I had the other day.
It's about the
Two S's
Substituite and Supplement
Substituite- Replacement
Supplement- Additive
We know that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our brother Jesus Christ.
As the years come and go, more and more emphasis is put on the commercial side of Christmas.
Presents, trees, lights and the whole nine yards are GREAT,
This year as you shop for, give and recieve presents, make sure the things you're doing are adding to your celebration of Christ's birth, not replacing it.
Alright friends, you know what to do.
Comment Comment Comment
and you just might recieve a little Christmas Present from the Ratalie.
Alyssa Oliphant

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tag! I'm it.

So the beyond awesome Natalie Ingram tagged me with this like forever ago but I've been lame and haven't read everyone's blogs for weeks so here I am repenting.
1. Post a picture that makes you cringe. Yeah this is pretty self-explanatory right?

2. Two pictures that you could stare at all day.
I think we both (Sarah and I) look soo cute in this!!
And Sarah's arms are fabulous!
I aspire to have muscles like hers.
Usually when I take pictures with my gorgeous friends I always feel like I pale in comparison (not that I should be comparing) but with this one, I feel like we're equally hottttt!!

So I think technically I'm supposed to use pictures that are mine...but I did make this collage with we'll just go with it.
I drool everytime I look at this.
And I stare for minutes at a time.
No joke.

3. Choose one picture that shows your dreams or aspirations.
Call me a cheesy sentimental fool, but I dream about having a boy look at me like this!
I dream of him knowing every single little thing about me, and loving me anyways.
I dream of marrying him, whoever he is, in the temple and being with him forever.
4. Tag and link to four bloggers and say why they inspire you:
1. My sister Emily (Brett and Em's Adventures)
I've always wanted to be like Emily. I want to dress like her, sing like her, be funny like her. She has the most amazing work ethic and will not stop until what needs to be done is done.
2. My sister Bekah (Jennings Story)
Bekah is the best example to me.
For what?
For being a wife, a mother, and a person in general.
There is nothing she can't do!!!
3. My "sister" Kim (Kimberly)
Kim is a go-getter.
And she stands by her decisions.
Whether its being an EFY counselor, a new plan to get healthy or a calling in the church.
She never gives up!
4. The freakin' awesome Geneva (Hazardous Undertakings)
She can do ANYTHING!!!!
She's a friggin' triathlete???
If that's not inspiring then I don't know what is.
And don't forget the fact that she teaches JR. HIGH.
Code word for hell!!!!
And anyone else who wants to do this, go for it!!!
Alyssa Rheingans

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Operas and Finals and Dresses Oh My!!!

Recently in English, we've been studying this CreeperMcCreeperFace: Yes, Edgar Allen Poe, was a genius, but he also creeps the heck out of me!!!
Anywho, to end our unit we were assigned to do a Poe Parody.
We could write a story, make a movie or write a song.
Geiser said that if we sing we get extra credit.
So what did Jessica, Sammy, Sarah, Suz and I do?
We turned The Masque of the Red Death
The Masque of the Red Death: An Opera in Five Parts
If you've never read the story, basically its during the time of the plague and a selfish bratty prince named Prospero gathers all the courtiers and they all hide out in an abbey until the plague is gone. At least that's the plan. During their Masquerade however, a hooded figure enters and once revealed, it kills the Prince and everyone else present. You can run but you can't hide from the plague.
Well we wanted to spice this up so we turned it into an "opera."
We split it into five parts and wrote a song for each part and each person sang (or rapped) a song.

The first song was
Can You Feel the Death Tonight?
(Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Lion King)
And it was all about the pains and evils of the plague.

Then came
Prince Prospero's Rap.
(Thug Story-Taylor Swift)
Talking about the Prince's selfish plan to hide out.
Seven Rooms
(Seven Things by Miley Cyrus)
Prince Prospero's Suite had seven rooms, one of every color.

Then we took Viva La Vida by Coldplay and turned it into a song about the clock.
During the Masquerade, the people would stop their festivities every time the clock chimed a new hour. It had an ominous tone to it that tripped everyone out.

And for the climax, we rewrote What is This Feeling from Wicked.
Instead of Loathing, it was Deathly, talking about when the plague appears in the form of a person and kills everyone.
This was pretty much the most entertaining project I've ever done!!!
In other news:
*Our Evening of Excellence for YW's was last night and it went fabulously! The theme was Daughters of a King so it was all about princesses!!!! LOVED IT!!! Can you tell that I helped plan it? The best part was that my AMAZING yw's president MADE ME A BELLE DRESS!!!!!
It looks JUST like Belle's!!
I'm. In. Love.
*This morning in seminary we had our Christmas conference which was AWESOME!! Students spoke and did musical numbers all centering around Christ and Christmas and the spirit was SO strong!!!
*My two hardest finals (trig and anatomy) are OVER!*
Alyssa Kellogg

Friday, December 11, 2009

Honesty Shmonesty

The amazing Molly from Red Rawlin's was kind enough to bestow this fabulous award upon me!
I'm not going to lie, I pride myself on being an honest person, so this award made my day!!!
As part of the deal I now have to tell you
10 True Things About Myself That You May Not Know
Yes I'm going to be VERY be prepared.
1. For YEARS, I sat in school and thought:
"Wow I will NEVER be a teacher, I could NOT do that!!!!"
And yet, I'd always find myself taking the class I was in and imagining myself as the teacher of it and how things would go. It wasn't until my freshman year that it finally dawned on me...Teaching is your destiny Natskee!!!

2. I don't hate the dentist.
I LOATHE the dentist!!!
I come home every time crying my eyes out!!

3. If I weren't me, I don't think I'd be friends with me.

4. I really love this picture because of the adoring look on his face....
*sighs dreamily*
Even if he was told to do that.....

5. My hatred and disdain for cheerleaders stems from the bitterness I have for not making the cheer team my freshman year. I tried out, didn't make it and have been hatin' on those peppy, skirt wearin' skanks ever since!!!!
(Disclaimer: I dislike the role of cheerleaders, not the people themselves. Some of my favorite people in the entire world also happen to be cheerleaders.)

6. Sometimes I turn lights on and off with my tongue.
Who cares about germs???

7. I am a couple watcher.
I LOVE watching a guy and girl that are into each other!!!
(As long as they're not being nasty.)
But I don't really like watching strangers....that's gross.
But my friends...LOVE it!!!
Don't ask me why!!
8. I've always wanted to play the role of a villian in a show, and it looks like I just might get my wish!!! Westwood's musical for this year is Les Miserables, and I am going to audition for the rold of Madame Thenardier!!! She and her husband are terrible people! They steal and rip people off constantly! Madame is crude, obnoxious, and larger than life. I think she'd be SOOO fun to play!!!

9. I once slept with a package of Oreos under my pillow.

10. 90% of the time, I don't put covers on toilets. (See #6)
Well this was fun!
I'm not in the mood to pass it on, but if you want to do the tag, feel free!
Love you all!!
Alyssa Zazueta

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dancing in the Moonlight 09'

Well friends, Winter Formal has come and gone and it was
Friday night we went to the basketball game.
(Westwood won! Holler!)
Then to Haley's house for s'mores.
On Saturday we played Bigger or Better.
We split into two teams, and each team was given a paper clip. Then we went from house to house asking our neighbors if they had something bigger or better that they would like to trade us. The team with the Biggest or Best thing wins!
The other team won with a rockin horse and as punishment, we had to go back to the house they got it from and dance around the horse singing:
"Ride ride ride that pony.
Get up on that big fat pony.
Ride ride ride that pony,
This is how we do it."
While someone rode the horse.
That was...uh special.
Anywho, we dropped off the boys and went home and got ready.
Then we picked them up again and went to take pictures at the Wright House. My amazing sister Emily, obliged to being our photographer!
Once we finished smiling till our faces hurt we headed into dinner which was also at the Wright House.
(Thank you Skipper, for making it happen, you're the best!)
Everyone brought part of the meal and our main dish was Tortilini made my Kair's parents!
While we were waiting for our food, there was music playing and our tables didn't take up much space so there was quite a bit of dance floor. I knew there wouldn't be very many slow dances at the actual dance, so Ty and I had our own!
All alone on our own little dance floor...until they started taking pictures of us because we looked

After dinner, we went to the Christmas lights at the temple to kill time.
(We refuse to be on time for dances.)
Since it was so cold we spent the majority of the time inside the visitors center watching videos, talking to missionaries etc.
Finally, around nine, we headed over to the dance and partied like it was 1999.
Afterwards, we went to Mary's and ate snacks and played games.
Basically, it was the best night of my life!!!!
I L-O-V-E gazebos!!!!

All the girls!!!
Skipper, Mary, Jessica, Kairleigh, Haley, Yours Truly
K I promise that I did not put myself in the front of this picture!!
Emily told me to stand there!!!
Our handsome fellas!!!
Kenneth, Ty, Taylor, Sam, Painter, Spencer
While we were watching them get their pictures taken I turned to my friends and said
"You guys, we seriously have the cutest group of guys at Westwood!! Good work!!"

Kair and Taylor

Alyssa and Painter

Haley and Sam
(Yes that is a black eye, he got it from wrestling.)

Jessica and Spencer

Ken and Mary

Emily told us to look at each other and we started laughing.

Here is my ensemble that I was so excited about!!!!
Dress: Free from my sister's boss!!!
Shoes: Borrowed from Emily
Head band: Borrowed from Emily
Tights: $5 from Forever 21
Cardigan: $15 from Forever 21
Hair Flower: Gift from Sarah
Total: $20!!!!
This = My Favorite Picture Ever!!!!

This makes me laugh!!!

So yes, Winter Formal was a TOTAL success!!!!!
I've got two dates lined up for this week so stay tuned!!!
Alyssa Painter