Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cowboy Take Me Away

So this years girls camp theme was Cowgirl Up.
So each cabin needed to come up with a ranch name and a brand to represent them.
So the YCL2'S (Youth Camp Leaders-17 year olds) decided to be the
Ditsy Chicks-Cowboy Take Me Away
Pictured below is our main cabin decorations:
Just some cowboys from our hood. Here are 6 of the 8 YCL2's on our way into Lomia.
We are so blessed to have this beautiful camp to stay at every year.
I love everything about this place!
It's so gorgeous and you just feel good as you walk around it.
Definately one of my happy places!
So like I said, my camera broke on the first day of camp so I just have a few pics from that day.

Me and Jess were just a little excited!!!
I was so blessed to get to work with one of my BFF's for my camp calling this year.
Jess and I were responsible for planning all the firesides at camp!
(A fireside is a basically a meeting at night where we all gather and have a good time.)
It was a huge job, but Jess and I make a great team and things went really really well!

The first night there's generally an onstage game show. So since this year was all about courage we decided to do Couples Fear Factor. Each of the YCL2's picked a character and teamed up to do 3 stunts. We had:
Barbie and Jessie
John Wayne and Calamity Jane
Sammy and Niesha (The young women always win!)
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift
Me and Jess LOVED being those two!!!

The first stunt was one that we filmed in Mesa before we left. One partner jumped off the high dive holding a bucket and swam over to the other partner who then had to save 5 birds from the bottom the pool. Whoever did it the fastest won the stunt. And the slowest couple was eliminated.

The second stunt was the infamous food stunt.
The remaining contestants each had to eat a quail egg.
For the third stunt, one partner was suspended in the air (sitting in a hammock hanging from the rafters) and shooting a marshmallow gun into a bucket held by the other partner. The team that had the most mallows in in 45 seconds won.
Oh and also for the first night...a special treat for the estrogen charged girls....a boy video featuring all the hotties from our hood. Giving them advice, telling what they want in their dream cowgirls, and of course...dancing. I think I may have gone a little deaf as they watched it.

The second night was skit night. Every ward performs a 3-4 minute skit that has something to do with their ranch and the camp theme.
But we decided to spice up the night a bit so we did the CMT Awards.
(Camp's Magnificent Talents)
They were hosted by the Taylors, who in turn introduced lots of famous guest stars who presented each ward with a belt buckle for their skit.
Some presenters:
Brad Paisley
Garth Brooks
Carrie Underwood
Miranda Lambert
Lady Antebellum
Rascal Flatts
It was such fun night!

Then for our final night, it was Bishops night. All the Bishops come up to spend time with their girls. So we had a Bishops Rodeo. First we showed a video featuring all the bishops telling us about their secret strengths, why they were going to win. Then they competed in 4 events. Roping their wives, oily pig relay (vaseline watermelon), pin the flower on the pony, and a hokey pokey dance-off.
Then each word performed a song for their bishop written especially for him.
It was a great night!

But it's not just the fun stuff that makes camp so great! Every night after the fun part of the fireside we do something spiritual. The first night we went on a scavenger hunt to find a Cowgirls' Happily Ever After. It was based off of President Ucthdorf's talk from the YW conference and was so great!
Night two- we started the night by singing a song about standing as a witness of Christ.
"Like Esther in her courage, like Joseph in his faith, like Ruth in her devotion, like Nephi in his strength. I will stand for truth and righteousness reflecting heaven's light. And my life will be like a beacon in the night. For I will stand as a witness of Christ."
Then we walked out into the woods where we sat and each of the people from the song came and spoke to us. Telling their stories and admonishing us to stand as a witness of Christ. The last person to speak to us was Nephi who was being portrayed by our stake president, my dad. After he told his story he asked us to make a commitment to stand for truth and righteousness. Anyone who was willing to make the commitment was asked to sign two picture frames which I'm told are going to have a picture of Christ in them and will hang in our Young Womens room.

For the last night we were taken through the life of Christ through beautiful artwork. One at a time a member of the priesthood would come out with a picture of an event from Christ's life and talk about it. The spirit was so strong.

In addition to the firesides, during the day we go to classes and workshops. Their was one workshop that touched me especially. It was called When Life Gives You Lemons and it was all about trials and how to deal with them and why we have them etc. It was just what I needed. So so great.

Yes, my fiancee Taylor Lautner was our cabin's brand. We put a hat on him and took him to flag every morning.

In addition to firesides, I got to teach certification for the second year girls. One of the things they needed to learn to pass onto the next level was fires, so we made EDIBLE CAMPFIRES!!!
Very fun and very yummy!!!

All in all, camp this year was beyond amazing. I'm so blessed to be a Young Woman and have experiences like this!! I can't wait till next year, but sadly it'll be my last one!
Getting older is sometimes not fun!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Got 12 hours of sleep last night.
Really happy.
Camera broke at camp.
Will post all about the week once I can yoink some pictures from people's Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agent Rat Checking in With a Status Report

I know I've been MIA recently.
So here's the Status Report:
Ears: Happy Because of the song from this scene.
My Love by Sia.
Yes I've listened to it at least 500 times.

Eyes: Very pleased.

Because of this movie: Hilarious, clean and darling.

And of course this one: yes I saw it for the third time this week.
Legs: Scratched up from chopping down corn stalks with swords and machetes in the dark.
Yes it was awesome.

Brain: Full and aching just a bit from all the thinking and planning I've been doing for Girls Camp. Jessica and I were given the calling of planning ALL the fun firesides for camp. It's been a ton of work but also SO MUCH FUN! We go this Tuesday and we're almost all ready! It's gonna be great!

Heart: Mending. Slowly but surely.
Everyone have a great weekend! After camp I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures and stories for your viewing pleasure! In the meantime...Cowgirl Up!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Grateful

Well this week has of a kind.
I guess you could say I've got a lot on my mind.
But its when things are hardest that you remember what's most important.

My family-no matter what happens, they are always there for me. Trying to help in whatever way they can.
My friends- sit and listen to me whine for hours on end...and they still want to hang out with me. These are the girls that I laugh with, I cry with and drool over boys with.
The scriptures- when you have no idea what you're doing- they're the road map that will lead you through your life.
Priesthood blessings- I'm BEYOND blessed to have a father whose a worthy priesthood holder who is willing to give me a blessing whenever I need it. Direct inspiration from the Lord is such a comfort when you don't know what the heck you're doing!
The power of fasting- Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He gave us this precious gift. A small sacrifice on your part can lead to more blessings than you could ever imagine.
The power of prayer- even when you're at your worst, feeling alone, you're not. Your Father in Heaven is always right there, just waiting for you to come to Him. And prayer is the way you do that. I can't even count the number of times I've muttered a prayer and immediately felt a difference.

I'm grateful for trials.
We given them for a reason.
They are how we grow, progress, and realize what's really important.