Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Many Adventures of RatalieNose

Yeah I know...I'm becoming a "once-a-month-poster,"
but it's the best I can do right now!
Okay so time to talk about the latest adventures in the life of RatalieNose.
Over October break I was lucky enough to get to go to Rocky Point Mexico with my pal Aubri! She turned 16 while we were there and it was so fun! We and another family stayed in an RV park RIGHT on the beach! It was my first time traveling in a trailer and DUDE I have been missing out! Getting to sleep on a BED while driving for hours??? YES.PLEASE.

Yes Prince Phillip is code for someone. But I'm not telling! *grins evilly*

Trust me, you don't want to know!

For Aubs birthday we rented quads. It was my first time and I LOVED it! Even though Papa Dub told me that I drive like an old granny. *sad face*

You know what's so great about the beach?? Even when you look"special" in a picture, the fact that you're on the beach makes it cute! YESHHH!

Me and Kennyl

So I got really excited.....

And ran to play in the puddles....

I LOVE Aubs!!!!! (Oh and I loathe Tank the dog.)
As for Adventure #2.....
A few weeks ago, a friend and I were driving home from babysitting for my sisters boss. We came to an intersection and my friend tried to stop but her brakes went out so we went through the intersection and were t-boned. Thankfully we were both safe! I just suffered some whiplash and have had pain in my neck, and my friend was burned by the air bag and is sore, but other than that we were fine! And the other car's passengers were totally fine!
This experience, while terrifying, really strengthened my testimony of the love Heavenly Father has for me. The day of the accident, something amazing happened. My friend Dolly has a step-dad whose not a member of our church but that day he randomly asked her if she'd like to have family prayer and she of course said yes. Step-dad said the prayer and in it he prayed that all of his step-daughters friends would be safe that night and if something were to happen that they'd walk away okay. A few hours later, I was in the accident.
Monday I was in pretty bad pain and in major need of a priesthood blessing. My two guy friends who go to ASU left school and came to help me out. The blessing didn't take away my pain but it completely changed my outlook about it. I felt at peace.
I am so thankful for a loving, listening God who never leaves me and answers prayers.


Shayla said...

Miss Natalie, Oh my goodness!! Your teenage life is much crazier than mine was :) So happy you're ok, so scary!
Your Rocky Point trip looks like a blast!!

Ann Marie said...

Once a month posting is good for someone your age! Don't you always have homework? lol!

I LOVED seeing your beach pictures. Is this close to Tuscon? My brother ( that's a Doctor ) has been offered a job there.. and none of us know anything about Tuscon... other than it's by Mexico.. and it's in AZ! haha..

We LOVE 4 wheeling! ~ And driving like a grandma is ok.. because I have rolled one of those and they are NO fun to roll or crash on.

I LOVE your "special" picture.
you crack me up.. and always look like your having fun all the time. :)

Sorry you were in an accident. I am grateful it wasn't worse.. but still whiplash can be like the devil. Make sure you take care of yourself!

Love ya girlie.. XO

Shelby Lou said...

FRIEND!!!!!!!! I haven't seen a post from you in what feels like ages. Oh how I have missed them! Geez. Okay, so you look super cute in your swimsuit, btw. Oh and you have a very strong testimony, I love it when you post it for all the world to see. It makes you stronger, and helps others too!


TLC said...

Girl!!! Your trip looked AMAZING! And "code name"??? I so need to do that so I can talk about mine on my blog....humm, what shall it be???? LOL

Okay. Car wreck {scary}!!! So glad you were all safe!!! And priesthood blessing surely are wondrous peaceful blessing from Heavenly Father. I just love you!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Glad you are OK. Scary!!!!
Looks like you had such a great time. I love the pix of you in the sand. Looking occasionally dorky!
Love it.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Great photos! Looks like a blast! Me and my friend do that pull your shorts up move as well haha ;)

Eva said...

who DOESN'T like poo-ing in mexico?

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