Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remember When I Used to Post on This Blog???

Forgive me friends for I have sinned.
It is October 3rd. My last post was August 27th.
But it's never too late to start over right?
So here I am being penetant.
Life is a funny thing, is it not?
It comes so fast, but goes by so slow...
At least that's how it feels in high school.
Things haven't changed too much since I last posted.
I'm still keepin' busy, lovin' life for the most part.
But Snoopy fell through, so that's kind of sad.
The school I was doing with is have a hard time with money so they cancelled it.
But no worries, that just means a little less stress for me!! So Homecoming came SUPER early this year. For the last month or so everyone in Stuco has been working like mad-people to pull it off and it didn't turn out too shabby! I was in charge of the Half-Time show which was super stressful but also way fun! Our Homecoming theme was The Happiest Place on Earth so I decided to incorporate the theme into Half-Time so instead of the announcer just announcing all the was a FAIRY TALE!!! Complete with "Once Upon a Time." LOVED IT.

Alright, I'll admit. I DID NOT want to go to Homecoming this year. Dances aren't really my thing and I didn't think there was anyone I could tolerate for an entire night of torture....but since when does anyone listen to me??? Well I'm glad they didn't because my good ol' childhood buddy AJ ended up asking me and we had a great time!
One night I'm lying in bed asleep and my mom comes in and is like "Natalie something's here for you!" So I go out there and its a cereal box full of hershey kisses and a DVD that says play me. So I put it in and the Disneyland castle shows up. Then it says "Natalie now that I've showered you with kisses..." And a picture of Prince Phillip riding his steed fighting shows up but AJ's face is covering Phillips! "Will you go to Homecoming with me?" It was SO CUTE. So then a couple days later I get my three darling neices and take them to his house to be the three good fairies and tell AJ that Sleeping Beauty is awake and that she'll go to Homecoming with him.

For our day activity we played 007 the weekend before the dance. (It's where everyone gets dropped off at point a and has to make it to point b without getting spotlighted by the car.) And we had a great time! Wandering around Lehi, having our first real conversation since Jr. High. It was awesome!
The day of the dance we went and took pictures then had dinner at this clubhouse the boys rented out.
The dance was surprisingly bearable. But I give that credit to our Homecoming King Dillon. He's this amazingly sweet wonderful kid with cerebal palsy. He's also the most spirited, supportive kid at Westwood and I am SO GLAD he won! It really brought the student body together and proved that we do have a heart!

This is off topic, but General Conference this weekend was phenomanal. We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles on the earth to give us revelation from God. I feel so full!
Have a fabulous week!


TLC said...

Girl, you looked FABULOUS in that dress! And the shoes...Mercy me, the shoes were killer! I loved the poses.

So glad you went! Just adore you and your face!!! Have a great week. Truly!!

Mistakes for Marion said...

Great photo site and photographer I'd say. It looks like you had a great time. I'm glad you went for it. Oh, RatalieNose, I'm blogging again and I'd like your opinion.

Lawanna said...

I love love love your dress!!!! Glad you had a good time at Homecoming!

Cherie said...

How the heckyl and hyde did I miss this post!! Srsly!!!
Sorry about the Snoopy thing but SO HAPPY to see that you went to Homecoming. You look FABBBBB - love the color of your dress, LOVE (did I say love?) LOVE your shoes!! You are sooooo pretty - Love your smile!!
The group pictures are awesome - especially the jumping one - I love jumping pictures - ha ha.
Keep having fun and enjoying the year!! {{{Hugs}}}}