Monday, August 9, 2010

Ratalie Reviews: Summer Movies

This has been a great summer for several reasons.
One of them being there have been so many great movies!
I've seen four in the last week alone, it was great!
So when I do things...I need structure. For these movie reviews, I will have structure, that's when my mind works best.
So I'll give the movie an emotion rating 1-5, depending on how strong of emotions the movie made me feel.
Then I'll say my favorite part or thing about the movie.
Then I'll sings the praises of my favorite actor/actress before I give it an overall rating 1-10 on movie excellence.
Okay here we go:
Okay you all know what I thought about this one...(if you don't know, I LOVED it.)
I saw it for the fourth time on Saturday, it was just as good as the first!
Emotion:4-I cried, wanted to kill people and makeout with others. Tres magnifico!
Fave Part: I have two. Edward and Bella's bedroom/proposal scene and Jacob and Bella's makeout. Am I a teenage girl or what? Bahaha
Fave Actor: Riley. The dude is, first of all, HAWT, but he also behaved exactly like Book Riley would've! Loved him!
Overall Excellence: 8

SO SO SO CUTE!!! LOVED the first two, was super worried about this one but Pixar, once again did not let me down!
Emotion: 3.86- I was angry at Lotso for the majority of the movie and super sad when they all almost died in the furnace!
Fave Part: Again I have two- all of Ken and Barbie's scenes-HILARIOUS. When she was cutting up his clothes I think I almost peed my pants. Also the ending when Andy plays with his toys with Bonnie for the last time. Love.
Fave Actor: Ken. Hands down. HILARIOUS.
Overall Excellence: 9

Bahahaha I laugh just thinking about it!
Emotion: 3- Mostly I was just sad for the girls the whole time, oh and I was ticked at the old scientist dude.
Favorite Part: Watching Gru turn into a daddy!!! SO SO CUTE!
Fave Character(s): The Minions!! For sure!! SO entertaining!!! Love them!
Overall Excellence: 9

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. This one was built up too much for me. The previews looked AMAZING so I had high expectations, and....well it was just a little weird.....
Emotion: 3- I think I should've felt more than I did, afterall it was mostly about death! When Zac threw his little fit and was throwing things everywhere...I mean, it was HAWT definately...but that's about it.
Fave Part: The sailboat race at the very beginning-SO HAWT, plus you see the precious brotherly bond!!!! Oh and when Charlie saves Tess with his body heat. When he first started taking off her clothes I was like "What the???"
Fave Actor: Uh...Zac...duh...him shirtless on the sailboat made seeing the whole movie worth it.
Overall Excellence: 7

I have one word for you: ADORE.
Emotion: 5- I BAWLED. Yeah I'm a baby. But here's the thing, I've always been the Ramona of my family. I even look like her for crying out loud! Near the end of the movie when she gets yelled at by her dad, who had-till that point- always been on her side, I lost it. I really REALLY identified with Ramona, especially with her sadness and frustration of being left behind. The whole last half hour of the movie really hit home with me.
Fave Part: The whole thing! I doubt I could pick one specifc part. All of Ramona's faces are CLASSIC. SO SO funny! Oh! When she boings Susan's curls-I almost died. That part of the book has always been one of my favorites!
Fave Actress: Okay, so I admit, John Corbett was an awesome Mr. Quimby. But the little girl who played Ramona was PHE.NOM.ENAL. She was sooooooo darling and perfect for the part!! Wow I adore her!
Fave Quotes: "YOU have a LOVE life??"
"Who would love a girl named Beezus?"
Overall Excellence: 10

Now for the motherload: the cinematic experience of the century!!! DUDE. I have two words for you: BEYOND EPIC.
Emotion-5-so intense and emotionally draining! I left feeling exhausted! Love it!
Favorite Part: The"Give me a kiss."scene. Priceless. Plus all the cool dreams!
Fave Actors: Oh man I can't just choose one! We'll go top 3.
Leo-LOVE/ADORE/PRAISE him. The man is...indescribably fabulous!!!!!
Joseph Gordon Leavitt- Oh my holy crap. He is sexy and genius and sassy and versatile and I love him. From 500 Days of Summer to this? What the??
And lastly but not leastly- Ellen Freakin' Page. BR.IL.LI.AN.T. She slays me with her talent! The entire cast was downright genius!!!! Okay I lied, one more, the girl who played Mal, dude, she SCARED the CRAP out of me!! She's amazing!!!
Other Fave Thing: Once you get past all the crazy dreams, all the intensity and insanity, you have one of the most beautiful love stories ever written.
For reals.
It's gorgeous!!!!
Overall Excellence: 10!!!!


Cherie said...

I've seen 3 - Eclipse, Toy Story 3 and Inception - LOVE, LOVE and LOOOOVVVEEEE!!!

The other 3 have not seen yet!

You are the cutest teenage girl - Have you started school yet??

Chloe said...

I've only seen two: Eclipse and Toy Story 3. And I love them!!!
Well, I've also seen Knight and Day... But you haven't. So there's no point talking about it. You should see it. :)

Garden of Egan said...

I saw Eclipse. It was good, better than the other two.
Saturday night my hubby and I saw Inception.
He loved it.
I hated it.
I just couldn't figure out where we were going to end up?
Will you still consider me your friend?
I am excited to see your list. I'm taking my granddaughter to see Despicable Me tomorrow.